at first some prototype jamming:
OKTAKONTROL prototype jamming

13.01.2014 13.02.2014 – 13h 14min

*Update* Currently we are still waiting for the sheet metal – our supplier was a little slow, but now they are in production.We won’t hit thursday (february, 13th), so there will be another !fucking! delay, but the first units should hopefully be ready at the end of next week (around 20th of february). Ordering will be possible from thursday.

220,00 EUR
excl. shipping & VAT/ Customs

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7 thoughts on “OKTAKONTROL Price & Release Date

    1. agkwadmin

      very nice, did you use google translate?. thanks. but you can also write in english, I think this will sounds much better, cause of grammatics and some other reasons. Tell us if you also want to be on our wantlist?! =)
      greetings, seb

    2. Bruce

      a late answer to you: We aren’t sure if we understand you right, but if you ask if it will be possible to mount the Oktakontrol into a standard 19″ rack: Yes, this should be possible. Later on we will also offer mounting plates to support this.

    1. agkwadmin

      Sure. We are at soldering the first series and bring all parts together right now. =)
      We know you and all others must be very nervous and excited about the release, but cause of several reasons we need some days more time. It is our first bigger project and some things cannot be planned in advance. The new release date will be the 13th of February 2014.
      We will send an information mail to all users on the wantlist and show you new photos next to some words about the current state in a new article here on our website and on facebook in the next week, maybe this evening.