3D imagination pictures by Manuel Paul

Our OKTAKONTROL is a smart addition to the famous Elektron Octatrack. Basically it is a midicontroller-box with 8 high precision faders and 9 buttons to control the tracks in your Octatrack. The Oktakontrol is fitted perfectly to the Octatrack: it is in the same width & height and its sockets are at the sidepanel – so you can place both machines directly next each other. This mechanical detail combined with concentration on the most important functions makes the Oktakontrol a unique & perfect controllerbox for the Elektron Octatrack.

– 8x ALPS faders to control track level
– 9x buttons to control track mute/solo/arm/user configurable
– sturdy case which fits perfectly next to the Octatrack
– all sockets at side panel & user-configurable arrangement of sockets
– based on Arduino (open source / reprogrammable by experienced user)
– mini USB to configure and update Firmware
– 9VDC power supply (included)
– developed & handcrafted in Germany (on planet Earth ;) )

230,00 EUR
excl. shipping & VAT/ Customs in your Country






Prof. OKTO von P. about the OKTAKONTROL

Jamming with the prototype


first idea/ announcement
first front/ rear study
prototype signal pcb
final announcement flyer for web
the prototype I, II, III, IV, V, VI
final 3D rendering I – detailed front panel view
final 3D rendering II – front panel with fader and buttons
final 3D rendering III – site panel with MIDI and power

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35 thoughts on “OKTAKONTROL

  1. Javi

    OI want to ask you if you have any Oktakontrol for sale. Your contact form doesn’t work. Thank you very much, and best regards!

    1. agkw Beitragsautor

      Hej Javi, at first, sorry for the late late response. We had some issues with the website in the past. It will work again now.

      2nd: Thanks for your interest in our products, but the OKTAKONTROL is no longer available and will not come back in the near future. Please take a look at the used markets like ebay and so on. Greetings, Seb

  2. Alexander Werner

    Hello there,

    I have a short question for you.
    Will the OKTAKONTROL be available anytime ?
    Thanks and best Regards -Alex

  3. chris


    Just got myself a secondhand oktakontrol and very happy with it.
    There is just one thing….
    When switsching on the octatrack to another bank with the faders of the oktakontrol down, i still hear sound coming from the octatrack when it is switched to another bank.
    Is this normal?
    Or is there another setting?
    Can you please help me?


    1. agkw Beitragsautor


      this is normal behaviour of the Octatrack – when you switch a bank all parameters from the associated part are loaded.
      A workaround for a live set would be to use the same part in all used banks.

      Sorry, that the OK can’t help here, but I think no other controller is capable of doing that, because the (external) controller „doesn’t know“ when a bank in the OT is switched.


  4. Paul X

    Hi, Track level on the OT ranges from -64 to +63.
    Is there a way to make the OktaKontrol faders control the full range up to +63?
    When I power on the OK faders control -64 to 0 on the OT, but cannot raise the track level above 50% even with fader at 100%.

    1. Bruce

      Hej Paul,

      of course this is possible. I sent you a mail with a firmware modified according your wish.

      But for information (for any reader here), this is done by modifying this lines in the firmware code:
      byte faderHigh[8][8] ={
      {64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64},
      To (for example „fader maximum = amp volume maximum“):
      byte faderHigh[8][8] ={
      {127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127},

      (Note: „127“ can be any number between „0“ and „127“ – so, for example if you want the amp volume on 3/4 when the fader is maximum, then you would modify this to „100“)

      Brgds 🙂

  5. Nelson

    Hi there, I’m choosing a midi interface to control my octatrack.
    I also have a Op1 and this Oktakontrol have a USB out/in . USB port can be used for midi interfacing so it acts as a Midi Hub for the Op-1 and reacts as a slave to the Octatrack ?!

    How much with the VAT to Portugal please?


    1. Bruce

      Hej Nelson,
      the Oktakontrol (OK) can not really work as a midi hub. It is a basic Midi/USB-interface – which means you can connect it to a computer where it will be recognized as midi port and can then be used to send/receive midi data from/to the computer. Connecting Op-1 with the OK via USB won’t work.

      OK to portugal is 235 + 13,44 (shipment) + 47,20 (VAT) = 295,64 EUR.
      Ok in bundle with Oktakel desktopstand/rackmount is 270 + 13,44 (shipment) + 53,85 (VAT) = 337,29 EUR.
      (Final price is also automatically shown before final purchase in the shop for EU customers.)


  6. Philippe

    The oktakontrol usb port is now acting as a midi interface, yes!!
    Do the faders transmit CCs over the interface, meaning i could control my daw with it?

    1. Bruce

      Hej Phillipe,

      Yes, the Oktakontrol fader and buttons do send standard midi cc# values via USB (and of course the midi out port), hence OK can also control a daw via USB.


  7. Karl


    Is it possible to control cue levels with these faders as well as the main outputs ? in my live set up i use the first 4 tracks of the OT on the main outputs and the 4 last tracks of the OT on the CUE outputs . (to have a cleaner mix output on 2 stereo channels instead of everything on one stereo out) .

  8. Aron Orosz


    I just got my OK. Really happy with it so far. But I would like the default page 1 setting to control the volume parameter instead of the amp parameter. I’m guessing I’m probably not the first to want this. So by any chance do you already have a version of the firmware setup to do this that you could email me? Also do you have an estimated date as to when the OK editing software will be complete?

  9. Brett Mckenzie

    Hey guys, just wondering about Midi Aux functionality and the USB port. In the manual it says the Midi Aux programming allows for Midi In capability (in the future). Has this been implemented yet? Also, I believe I saw a post on Elektronauts saying that the USB port can now be used for midi interfacing. Can this be confirmed? Thanks for the awesome goods by the way!

    1. Bruce

      Hej Brett,

      Yes, the Aux can be used as a second midi-in. BUT it depends a bit on what you want to do with it – what works: receiving notes and controller (i.e. feedback from the OT) on both ports simultaneously; what not works (yet): receiving a clock and controller on both ports simultaneously (I am currently into troubleshooting that).

      Yes, the USB port can be used for midi interfacing, we upgraded that in the meantime. 🙂

      Brgds, Thank you and sorry for the late response,

  10. jrm hrp

    Is it possible to choose the midi channels for the faders, or is it pre programmed ? I already have a few synths plugged to the octatrack and would like to use the oktakontrol to control the audio tracks (channels 9 to 16). Thx, this thing looks awesome !

    1. Bruce

      Hej Jeremy,
      of course this is possible, currently still by modifying the firmware (what we can do for you at any time) but in the (hopefully near) future by a user interface on the computer (PC/Mac).


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  12. Ruud Kerst

    Hi I am very interested in the Oktakontrol. It looks beautiful. I would like to use it with my A4 + AR combo. Will there be or is there already some sort of midi configuration program available to set the midi channels/CC parameters that the Oktakontrol is sending yourself? Or will it be available in the future?

    1. agkwadmin

      to put the ports on one of the sides (configurable by the user) was our decision cause of the live usage, where you always have no space and to combine it with the elektron gear to one unit.
      And of course it is no problem if you wanna use it in the studio rack with our OKTAKEL rack mount. 🙂



    1. Bruce

      Hej Paul!
      The Monomachine can also be controlled by standard midi controller changes, hence the OK will basically work with it. The question is, what do you want to control at the Monomachine? (it must be programmed, which is not complicated, but as we don’t have a Monomachine we don’t know what would be useful here). Also the dimension will fit.
      Brgds 🙂

      1. DK

        What would be very helpful for the Monomachine would be a fader to control the volume of each synthesizer track. Since there are only 6 tracks, the remaining area could be used for a knob bank: oscillator pitch, osc wave type, cutoff, resonance, and maybe envelope ADSR. You could develop it to work with both the Monomachine and Analog 4. With the lack of physical controls on the Monomachine, it is possibly the worst Elektron product from a user interface standpoint. It’s a shame because it sounds great.

        1. Bruce

          Hej DK,
          I just checked that in the manual and that should be easy. If anyone wants that, just let me know and I can send a corresponding firmware (or deliver an Oktakontrol with that firmware already uploaded)


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