YES, its true, the OKTAKONTROL and the OKTAKEL desktop stand & rack mounting kits are back on stock! => to the SHOP


– the OKTAKONTROL‬’s USB-socket now also acts like an USB-Midi-Interface – this means an external Interface to connect the OCTATRACK‬ with your DAW is no longer necessary! 🙂
– the OKTAKEL‬ has new holes for venting of the ANALOGFOUR‬ and ANALOGRYTM‬ and
– a new opening for better handling when installed in a rack (facilitates access to the sockets and power-switch) 

The first pre-orderings for this new batch were shipped this morning. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “finally BACK on stock!

  1. Dirk

    „the ‪OKTAKONTROL‬’s USB-socket now also acts like an USB-Midi-Interface“

    Will there be a new Firmware for the older Batches?

    Any chance to implement a Midi-Host function for the USB-Socket?


    1. Bruce

      Hej Dirk!
      Yes, it is possible to upgrade the older batches with the usb-midi-interface. We will release a „how-to“-video very soon!
      No, midi-host function seems not to be possible.
      Brgds 🙂