we are currently out of stock, but you can still order like always.
The OKTAKELs are on the way and a new batch of OKTAKONTROLs is in the making pipeline.We try to ship as fast as we can. Probably latest on the 1st of June 2015. So please don’t worry but look forward to get it. We will inform each of you by email of the Shipping incl. Tracking numbers.


sincerely yours,

Prof. OKTO von P.

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14 thoughts on “New Batch of OKTAKONTROLs on the Horizon

  1. Thierry Talagrand

    Hi Prof Okto !
    How are you ? Was so happy to see your little black lightning, on the google maps, targeted to Gonesse, north of Paris : It is was me !
    Well, i’ve got an OT and a AR. Will go for another OT (It is soo good that i’d like 8 more audio tracks… classic…;-))
    So il will soon order another Oktakontrol/Oktatel combo.
    I would like also another one for the AR. But how control 12 tracks with 8 faders/Mute/solo controls ? Is the „Page“ button allows access to the 4 other tracks ? Or does the Oktakontrol will control the 8 voices of the AR ?
    Another question was about the soft to map. Is it always a project ? I’m really a noob on midi, and i see that the Oktacontrol works well with some of my Octatrack projects, but not with some others : erratic control, faders does not cut track sounds, etc… It is because some parameters locks have been set in certain conditions (when faders down for example ? ) I know i have to preserve Amp volume below or equal to zero for faders working. Is that right ? A lot of questions, sorry, BUT, it is a great piece of gear. Thanks, Pr !

    1. Bruce


      I am fine and how are you?

      The „page“-button does not allow the buttons to control the 4 other tracks … but this is a good suggestion. It is a quite different concept compared to the current one but We will think about it (especially how complicated it is to change the firmware this way).

      Regarding erratic controls and stuff: Indeed controlling parameters which are at the same time manipulated by parameterlocks can be a problem but we think this is common to all midi-controllers available and due to the design/concept of Octatrack. BUT of course there can be some „headroom“ for improvement by us.
      Regarding you fader example: If I understand you correct – no, amp volume does not need to be equal to or below zero to be controlled but if it is above zero there will be a „parameter jump“. Maybe for this specific problem it would help you to adjust the OK firmware to control amp volume above zero (what is really not complicated and we could do for you quickly)?
      Regarding further examples of erratic controls and stuff: Please give us more detailed examples. Maybe we can setup a skype-conference about this … 🙂

      Bruce (on the behalf of Prof. Okto von P.)

      1. Thierry Talagrand

        Thank you very much for this detailed answer Bruce.
        I’ll come back to you for adjusting the OK firmware : what would be the process ?
        Thank you for the Skype proposal. I leave for some days and will contact you further 😉
        Kind regards, Thierry

    1. agkwadmin

      Hey Allan,

      The Oktakels arrived today… Oktakontrol is already in production.

      The easiest way to get informed is to order an Oktakontrol or the bundle incl. the Oktakel.
      We will ship as soon as possible, probably in 2-3 weeks.
      And if you are ordered like others, it will be much faster cause we ship them first 🙂

      greetings, seb

  2. Todd

    Just got an Octatrack . This look like a much needed control for performing in a dark club.Please let me know when they are ready to start exporting.Thanks