Currently we are finalizing and shipping one after another – as we do a lot of handwork on it, this takes some time. This is our first product we are selling and it is a bit stressful this time but also very exciting and great to learn while doing this.  🙂

The wooden side panels on the OKTAKONTROL looking great and makes it very special, but they are definitly to inaccurate and time-consuming to handle and process all the orders just in time for us. Too much of the panels are unfortunately crap.  😕

A Change
So we decided to go full metal case in future now.

Maybe there will be a special edition with wooden panels in future again, but for now we don’t want to continue with wood anymore.

Regarding the price
In relation to the work we have, it is not really economic/profitable yet – but one of our choosen challenges is, to keep the price approximately in this range and nevertheless be economic but the metal is much more expensive for a small series like that and thats the reason we needed to lift the price a little bit to 230,00€ excl. Tax.

It will be possible to order again in few days, if we received the new metal panels.
We try to finish the open orders with the wooden panels also within the next days.

The Manual
We put a Quickstart manual into each order till now.
The complete manual will be online to download within the next days. Please be patient guys. We are only two guys and we wish we had 8 arms like the OKTA and 48h a day to work for you. 

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2 thoughts on “Some New Infos for the OKTAKKONTROL

  1. Phil

    Hi guys,
    I just bought an OT and OK used. So far, so good! Love the OK design and ability to change fader function via pages.

    Question, by default the faders control Volume. but the top of the fader is only 50% volume. Since the OT range is -64 to +64. If a track is preset to higher than 50% then lowered via OK fader, when i move the fader to 100% again the actual OT track volume stops at 0 (50%).

    Is there a config or calibration change that can solve that?
    I’ve already uploaded the latest OK Arduino firmware, and am runnign the latest OT fw (1.25H).


    1. Bruce

      Hej Phil,
      congratulations on you great buy! 🙂

      What you describe is an intended behaviour, we ship all Oktakontrols in this configuration because we like it most this way.

      However, this can easily be changed by modifying this lines in the firmware code:
      byte faderHigh[8][8] ={
      {64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64},
      To (for example „fader maximum = amp volume maximum“):
      byte faderHigh[8][8] ={
      {127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127, 127},

      (Note: „127“ can be any number between „0“ and „127“ – so, for example if you want the amp volume on 3/4 when the fader is maximum, then you would modify this to „100“)

      You can do this by yourself or I can send you the already modified firmware.